About us

Our Story

Tane produces comfortable clothing inspired by Japanese tradition, culture, and philosophy. The collection is made of a premium cotton fabric that traditionally was used in Japan to make clothing for daily wear.
As you touch our garments, you will see the Japanese aesthetic and feel the craftsmanship through its rich texture and earthy colours. We believe this sensation will make you more satisfied when you wear our clothes, that they will plant something inside you that makes you feel good.

The founder, Maki Sekine, works in the Japanese fashion industry as a journalist. Throughout her nearly 20 years of experience, she encountered many authentic works and craftspeople who were always motivated to develop their skill and spirit, to preserve a great tradition. Those people made an impression on Maki and her aim is to spread those precious things and intentions worldwide.

Japanese Philosophy

In Japanese traditional culture and philosophy there are the following useful tips for living a fulfilled life:

Take good care of things: Appreciate everything we have, knowing contentment.
Respect nature: A sense of being part of nature and having an ethical mindset.
Develop your craft: Have the Ikigai mind (a reason for being) and the Kaizen mind (continuous development) for self-improvement.

Tane thinks that those are eternal elements for wellbeing and a contented life.

In addition, there is the creator’s commitment and pride to maintain a high quality in their products, so our collection is made of fine quality fabric by dedicated craftspeople whose contemporary aesthetic gives out a positive energy.

You are what you wear

What you choose expresses something that is inside you. People who know authenticity and ethical practices will cherish them, choosing items that are made in a benevolent and sustainability way, with an aesthetic to match. One of our aims is to develop people’s awareness of those essential elements for a good life.